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Price: Complimentary (guests only)
Hosted by: Caroline and Penny

So when was the last night you (and your partner) had a night out just the two of you? If the answer is, what's a night out alone? then this is the experience for you. We'll take the kids off your hands (there are some rules*) for an evening so that you can enjoy some quality time together.

We know that holidays are an important time to sit back and relax. That should apply to parents to.

Caroline will babysit the kids, leaving you free to have a romantic night out. We can also bring rescue dog Penny, who loves to look after little ones. We will help you to make a restaurant booking, and we can also arrange a car to take you there and return you back to the estate. You can even stop off at a romantic spot to take in the night sky, clear air and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet for yourselves.

Please let us know about any rules and routines we need to follow
Kids must be taken back

Refund policy / Terms and Conditions
Up to 7 days or more in advance full refund
Up to 48 hours 50% refund
Less than 48 hours no refund available