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Coming to the Azores is all about connecting with nature and this farm experience should be top of the list to do. There are more cows on São Miguel than people (or so it feels as you drive around the island!)

Farming is one of the Azores' largest and most important industries. On this experience, you can milk a cow, taste raw milk and enjoy homemade / fresh cheese. This is an opportunity to see first hand what it's like to be an Azorean farmer. The farm has 60 cows that graze on green pastures all year round. You'll find out how their sustainable production model results in healthy cows and high quality products.

Highlights of the tour:
– Learn to milk a cow
– Move the cows from pasture to milking barn
– Help feed the animals
– Pet the calves
– Enjoy a picnic style tasting of delicious raw milk, homemade jam, and fresh cheese
Tour details: The tour starts at 3:30pm or 4:30pm (depending on the time of year) and typically lasts about 3 hours.

25€ Adult / 15€ Child (7 – 16)
FREE 6 and under
50€ Adult / 25€ Child (7 – 16)
FREE 6 and under
10% off Groups of 7

This tour is run by the lovely Gena and João who own and work on the farm. Please contact them directly for this experience or check them out here.

Refund policy:
As this is an experience organised and run by one of or partners please ask about the refund policy when you make the booking.