Showcasing the Best of Azorean Nature

Explore The Grounds

The estate has a large outdoor event space behind the main Solar building. Perfect for a natural themed wedding or birthday event. As you would expect, our gardens are 100% organic and pesticide free. We encourage wild flowers for our bees, and allow some fruits to drop to the ground for the local birds who have made the estate their home.

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Supporting Wildlife

When we took over the estate in 2018 the grounds were abandoned, unloved and overgrown with weeds. As we have restored the estate we have carefully worked to ensure that wildlife can be encouraged to thrive. From natural ponds to encourage frogs and other insects, to bird boxes and bat homes. We are pleased to showcase an organic and thriving estate.

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We are proud of the organic credentials and sustainability initiatives that we run here on The Solar Branco 1885 Eco-Estate. From banning any insecticides, to natural ponds and native plants, careful attention is paid to the environment around us. We are working to ensure that the The Solar Branco 1885 Eco-estate is the most sustainable hotel in the Azores.

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Herb Gardens

We have carefully created herb gardens for your pleasure to walk though and enjoy as well as being designed specifically to support wildlife such as bees with flowers such as rosemary and lavender. Perfect pollinators for our stripy friends.

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Orange Orchard

Over 150 years ago the Solar Branco Estate was part of the booming trade in citrus with the UK. At the height of this trade over 70 million oranges and lemons would leave Ponta Delgada for the houses of Victorian London. Eco-tourism enables us to fund the restoration effort. We use local orange trees, grafted from a heritage species to create some of the tastiest oranges in the world. Pests are kept away with 4 geese and 6 ducks who live in the orchard.

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Botanical House

We source the majority of the garnishes that we use in our gin and tonics from the botanical house or gardens. For our sausage making classes we also use herbs found in the garden. The botanical house is 100% organic and pesticide free.

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The Azores is a beautiful island. The estate is perfectly located over the town of Livramento, looking across the rolling green hills to the ocean beyond. You can follow our latest news and updates about what is happening on the Solar Branco 1885 Eco-Estate on our blog here.

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Breathe in the clear Atlantic air as you walk through the citrus-inspired gardens. Take in the view over green hills to the ocean beyond. Hideout, forage, think in peace. Enjoy this beautiful heritage home, built over 100 years ago, lovingly restored and brought back to life. Sleep in the big, dreamy beds. Hike, run, read. Relax. Put your phone down. Laugh out loud. Dream. Enjoy life with those around you.

Our gardens have been designed to inspire as well as relax you. Lovingly curated by our gardening team and Ali, a careful range of Azorean themed flowers are grown on the estate. You will also find a herb garden as well as orange grove. Wild flowers are also grown along the walls of the estate and at the front of the main solar to encourage bees to thrive.