A guide to Graciosa

Graciosa, meaning Gracious belongs to the Central Group of the Archipelago of the Azores (about 30 miles from Terceira). The island has an area of 61 km² in an oval form and is called “the white island.

Graciosa is known for the colored old windmills. The most important town on the cosy island is Santa Cruz; it’s a friendly village to visit with building from the 18th century and it has two lakes and the huge araucárias (sort of tree). The airport is about 3 km outside the center of the town. If you come to Graciosa by the ferry from Terceira, you will arrive in Praia, (also known as São Mateus). This town was in the past the most important town on the island. The landscape of Graciosa mixes the green of the trees with the white of the villages and isolated houses. It has fertile fields that produce cereals, fruit, wine, and cattle. The underwater life is spectacular. You can easily spend 3-4 days to discover Graciosa.

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