A "Solar" in Portuguese translates into English as "large mansion house." Built in the 1800's this is one of the best examples in the historical town of Livramento, next to Ponta Delgada. A building of historical interest, overlooking the town where over 100 years ago was the heart of the citrus trade. Carefully restored to reflect this rich history, each property has been complemented with modern touches as well as locally sourced decoration.

The estate used to have a number of citrus fruit trees. Having fallen into disrepair in the later part of the twentieth century, we are carefully restoring an orange grove on the grounds. As well as this we are replanting apple, peach and lemon trees, inspired by what would have been grown on the grounds previously. You will also find avocados, guava, peaches, mango and pineapples growing here on the estate. We are also planning on placing several bee hives to help the environment thrive.

The History of Solar Branco 1885 & The Azores

1800s The Citrus Trade

From the grounds of the Solar Branco 1885 Eco-Estate you can see one of the original look-out towers where a watchman would alert the landowners of the approaching British ships, and thus the need to start picking the citrus fruit for the journey to the docks of London.

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1900s Whaling

Today, the only whaling that is undertaken is that of watching these magnificent creatures. The focus is now on preservation and education, not hunting. Take a look back to a darker time in the history of the Azores and whaling.

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2000s: Sustainable Tourism

The Azores has constantly re-invented itself in new industries as old ones fade. Tourism is the latest example of this re-invention as dairy farming slows here on the islands.

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2018 Solar Branco | The Restoration

The name in Portuguese, "Solar Branco," translating into English as "The White House." Our mission, one to restore this building and estate to its former glory, highlighting its heritage and history, combining luxury and the best in sustainablility practices the Azores has to offer.

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2020 Solar Branco | Opening

We are working to open the main house for the summer of 2020. For more information and details please read more about this here.

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Tour The Grounds

It is always a pleasure to show guests and visitors around the estate. Take a journey around the grounds with our head gardener to learn more about the native plants growing here on the estate to a historical tour around the estate with Ali or Caroline.

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