A Leading Hotel in Sustainability

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The Solar Branco 1885 Eco-Estate stands out in the areas of Sustainability, heritage and luxury. The Solar Branco 1885 Eco-Estate combines Ali's background and knowledge for Eco-tourism with Caroline's passion for connecting with nature. A firm belief that luxury and sustainablility can be combined without compromise is core to what we do here on the estate.

Trillion Tree Campaign

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We are proud to building a leading Eco-Hotel and presence here in the Azores. The Azores looks green and beautiful, but the sad fact behind the beauty is that thousands if not millions of trees have been cut down to make way for cattle farming. On the estate one of our key priorities is to restore old orange groves an the estate as well as other native sepecies to encourage birds, bats and bees as well as other wildlife.

A Plastic Free Hotel

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Our target is to operate completely free of single-use plastic from day one. Our signature water infused with fennel (and bottled in glass) and we offer free water refills to guests and non-guests alike as part of the TAP Water initiative.

Powered with Solar Energy

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Ali bullock is a member of the 1% for the planet foundation. The aim is to give back to the community, 1% of sales back to the environment.


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Here at the Solar Branco 1885 Eco-Estate we reach out beyond our own walls and have founded the #plasticfreeazores movement. The core aims are to help, advise and guide hotels, B&Bs and other businesses to reduce their own and their customers’ single plastic usage.

Helping The Bees

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Pollinators are an indispensable natural resource in agriculture and healthy ecosystems. Farmers and beekeepers are on the front line in playing a critical role for their survival. Bee Friendly Farming (BFF) is a program that provides guidelines for farmers and growers interested in promoting pollinator health on their lands.

Using Sustainable Materials

FSC Guidelines
All our wood used in the gardens comes from FSC forests or sustainably managed forests from Sao Miguel. We have also sourced as much furniture as possible from FSC grown sources or ensured that it is made locally from islands in the Azores.

Hedgehog Rescue | Shelter

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We rescue hedgehogs and rehome them here on the estate. Please call +351 919 076 779 if you find one by the side of the road.

SOS Cagarro

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Found a Corys Shearwater or Cagarro? Please call the free / 24 hour helpline: 800 292 800 for support and a pick up to help the animal.

Sustainable Seafood: Azores

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Portugal and the Azores are well known for their seafood. With crystal clear waters and fishermen who have respected and feared the Atlantic waters for generations, the Azores has an important relationship with the ocean. However, fish stocks are under threat, as well as other environmental challenges. Read more about what local seafood is sustainable.