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The story of Baleia. In 2006 we came to watch the whales. In 2018 we returned to support their conservation here in the Azores.

Baleia Gin is brought to you by people passionate about gin and the environment. Ali & Caroline are the co-owners of The Solar Branco Eco Estate on São Miguel as well as founding members of the Whale Heritage Site program on São Miguel.

Baleia is created in partnership with Lima & Quental – The leading producer of premium gin in the Azores. Brands include Rocha Negra as well as Baleia Gin.

Artwork drawn by local artist Catarina Limão

The Inspiration. The story behind the creation of Baleia. 

The inspiration for Baleia started over 14 years ago, in 2006, on the island of Faial. Caroline and I travelled to a little known place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to go whale watching while on honeymoon. On the last day, I passed a small shop and noticed a wooden whale in the corner, dusty and mostly ignored. Upon asking about it I was told that it was the last one of its kind to be carved by a local whaler using bone from the final whale to be caught and brought ashore to the island many years previously.

He had created each whale as a reminder of the journies he and his brothers would make as they sailed out into the waters of the Atlantic for days at a time. Memories of brothers and neighbours lost to the ocean and time, children born and fed, communities built from the whaling industry. As commercial whaling was stopped, a new industry arose from the ashes and brought new life to the community. It was not hunting, but watching whales. So this simple wooden statue left the Azores, travelling to London, then Hong Kong. In 2018 it returned to the Azores, now displayed in The Gin Library. This whale is the inspiration behind Baleia Gin.


Ali Bullock
Founder & Gin Expert
São Miguel based gin expert Ali Bullock, owner of the world-renowned Gin Library.


Caroline Sprod
Owner Solar Branco Eco Estate
Co-owner of The Solar Branco Eco Estate, a leading eco hotel in the Azores.


Lima Quiential Lda
Distiller of a wide range of spirits including Rocha Negra Gin.


Catrina “Lemon” Limao
São Miguel born artist in residence at The Solar Branco Eco Estate.