A 14 Year Journey

2005 London: On a dull, cloudy day, a couple travelled on the tube towards Earl’s Court and the convention center. Caroline had seen an advert for a wedding and travel show. This seemed like a good place to look for honeymoon destinations. As they walked around, skipping all the cliched spots, “The Canaries,” and “The maldives,” they came across a lone photographer who had a stand showcasing his whale photos and the island of Faial in the Azores.

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The conversation was about a place neither had heard of, and they were taken by the photos of the whales and so a honeymoon was booked. In June of 2006 the first journey was made to the Azores. Amazing weather, countryside, whales and dolphins all captured our imagination. As we boarded the plane we spoke of returning the year after. Life changed that idea and it would be another 12 years until we would return.

In 2018 we decided the Azores would be our new home. A new business was created, and so baleia was born. In 2020 in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to trial and test our creations. After a lot of trial batches, and some kind friends who helped us test each one we came up with the final version.

Our partnership with the Whale Cetacean Alliance, one of the world’s leading marine conservation NGO’s, supports responsible whale watching and sustainable tourism to the Azores through the initiative we are proud to lead Ocean Azores.