Thank You For VISITING The azores

    1. We Love Azores is all about saying "thank you." The Azores have been taking a break. Now our break is over. And we want to thank you, our visitors, for postponing rather than canceling your trip to the Azores. To show you how much we appreciate you being here, we are offering you a complimentary experience* during your stay. These experiences will be on offer throughout 2020 and 2021.
    2. *This offer is ONLY available to Solar Branco Eco Estate customers who have booked an experience with the estate or customers who have booked their stay or experience with our approved travel agent partners. Full terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the page. You can find our full range of experiences on our website and these are available to all visitors to the island.
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We have carefully curated a selection of experiences to showcase the best of the Azores. We invite you to take part in one of these experiences at no charge during your re-booked trip. (Please see the terms and conditions below.)

The Solar Branco Eco Estate is perfectly located a short 5 minutes drive from Ponta Delgada, set amongst green fields in the town of Livramento. Every activity is thoughtfully put together to minimise the impact on the environment. Our experiences have sustainability at their heart. From zero waste food initiatives to a ban on single use plastic, we aim to offer sustainable, authentic and eco-friendly experiences.

These experiences are offered in English only.

These experiences are complimentary. Should you wish to give back to our community, we invite you to make a donation to the Casa Do Gaiato (children’s home) in Ponta Delgada.

For groups of more than 8 people, please contact us directly below.

Estate Tour Tile paintingshinrin Yoku Farmer's MarketPonta Delgada Tour



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Times are very tough for the travel community right now. When you participate in #WeLoveAzores we ask you to consider showing us your support to help us and our partner tour operators get back on our feet. Perhaps you will decide to leave us a thoughtful review of your experience on one of our social platforms. In doing so, you’ll be helping to spread the word that the Azores are open to tourism once again.

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    1. Join owners Ali & Caroline for a tour around the Solar Branco Eco Estate. Built in the 1800s, with the riches of the citrus trade with the United Kingdom, this heritage estate reflects the history of the island.

      You’ll learn about the origins of the citrus production on the island, and how the fruits travelled to the streets of London. You’ll also have an introduction to modern day sustainable ecotourism practices in the Azores, the world’s first archipelago certified as a sustainable tourism destination, and how we are doing our bit here at the estate.

      Take a moment as you breathe in the clear Atlantic air and walk through citrus gardens that are being restored. Take in the view over green hills to the ocean beyond and discover wild flowers. Finish your tour with a complimentary herbal tea, made from herbs and flowers sourced from the grounds of the estate.

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Book Now Note: The experience is complimetary, we just ask you to book in advance so we know to expect you on the estate.


    1. * Note: You need to bring a craft bottle of gin not in our collection, this offer is for 2 people.

      While Portugal is better known for its port, that hasn't stopped it from producing some excellent gin. Join us as you are guided through the rich history and flavours of gin with gin expert and host here at the Solar Branco Estate, Ali Bullock. Your gin tasting takes you through the very best gins from the Azores and Portugal as you learn about the history of gin and its modern renaissance. You will try 3 taster gins with selected tonics and garnishes matched for each one. Light snacks will be served during the tasting.

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Book NowNote: The experience is complimetary, we just ask you to book in advance so we know to expect you on the estate.

Azorean Tile Painting

    1. This experience is about bringing families and friends of all ages together to celebrate your time in the Azores. Each visitor can paint a tile as a special memory that can be left here on the Solar Branco Eco-Estate as a visual record and as inspiration for future visitors.

      Your tile will be mounted on our wall of memories. Take part and celebrate the diversity of visitors to the island and capture a moment of time from your stay on São Miguel. This activity is inspired by the decorated paving stones in the harbour of Horta left behind by visiting sailors recording their boat names and countries of origin.

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Book NowNote: The experience is complimetary, we just ask you to book in advance so we know to expect you on the estate.

introduction to Shinrin Yoku

    1. Shinrin Yoku is a unique sensory way to experience and connect with nature. Originating in Japan, Shinrin Yoku offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature without modern day distractions. Shinrin Yoku is often referred to in English as forest bathing (the literal translation of this Japanese term) or forest therapy.

      On your Shinrin Yoku walk you will experience and connect with the Azorean countryside with all your senses. You’ll be walking calmly and gently over very short distances (less than 1km in total) and taking part in guided activities to facilitate a deep connection with nature.

      To end the session, we will seek out and get to know several common edible or medicinal plants that can be foraged in many parts of the world. (We will not be consuming foraged plants during this experience.)

      Your guide, Caroline Sprod, is the first and only Shinrin Yoku guide in the Azores, and co-owner of the Solar Branco Eco Estate.

      Please note: This experience is designed for adults and young people aged thirteen and over. If you plan on bringing younger children, please contact us to discuss before booking.

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Book NowNote: The experience is complimetary, we just ask you to book in advance so we know to expect you on the estate.

Una's Tour of Ponta Delgada

    1. Join Ali & his rescue dog Una as we walk around the beautiful harbour and old town of Ponta Delgada. We start the tour at the very heart of the city. As we walk along the waterfront, we’ll look back at the history of this area and its significance to The Azores and beyond.

      From here the walk takes you through the city centre. As we make our way to Jardim António Borges, Ali will point out landmarks and leading restaurants and bars which you may wish to return to and explore during your stay. As well as Jardim António Borges, a stunning urban park where a number of rare plants and flowers can be found, we’ll take in places such as the Mercado da Graça (Grace’s Market) and the Ermida da Mãe de Deus (Hermitage of the Mother of God) which has views across the city.

      Our walk will end back at the Portas da Cidade (City Gates) where we will sit down and enjoy an optional coffee together. Una will get a well-deserved bowl of water (and perhaps a dog biscuit if you think she did a good job).

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Book NowNote: The experience is complimetary, we just ask you to book in advance so we know to expect you on the estate.

The Farmer's Market Tour (THURS AM)

    1. Meet the farmers, Azorean style. Unlike Mercado de Graça in Ponta Delgada, this is a market that most people don’t get to see or experience, including locals! Happening only on a Thursday morning, this is where the farmers meet, buy and sell their produce and livestock and get together for a chat.

      This is a chance to pick up some great value, local fruits and vegetables from the people who grow them. We’ll show you some local specialities (like honey and pineapples) to take home.

      Please note: This market is located in Ribeira Grande. You will need to make your own transport arrangements. Google Map location here.

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Book NowNote: The experience is complimetary, we just ask you to book in advance so we know to expect you on the estate.


    1. We believe in leading the way for eco-hotels and sustainability in the Azores. We are carefully restoring the estate, respecting its history and breathing new life into each building. Our eco-initiatives include a complete ban on single use plastic and pesticides. We are the first in the Azores to commit to being a zero food waste business.

      In the gardens we have 2 dedicated wildlife ponds for frogs and local birds. Our chickens are all free range, and in our meadow we encourage wildflowers for pollinators and other wildlife. Read more on our commitment to sustainability and eco-tourism.
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      * Please note these are paid experiences and not part of We Love Azores.


    1. We Love Azores is proud to be supporting and working with the following travel partners. All customers who have re-booked with these companies are eligible for this offer based on availability and terms and conditions outlined below. If you are a company that would like to be a part of We Love Azores drop us a line below.

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Terms & Conditions

    1. All experiences are run by The Solar Branco Eco Estate team on the island of Sao Miguel and must be booked in advance. We want you to have an amazing time here on the estate - Please note: They are non-transferable and non-changeable.

      1. One complimentary experience per eligible guest.
      2. All experiences are conducted in English.
      3. Eligible guests are clients of selected tourism partners whose trips were postponed due to the COVID19 travel restrictions. Guests must have booked and paid for trips through our partners, and opted for rebooking rather than cancellation.
      4. Guests must use the booking code provided by their agent, and may be asked for evidence of eligibility. Bookings must be made in advance.
      5. Due to capacity constraints, limited places are available for each session, and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
      6. If guests cancel their reservation, no re-booking is allowed.
      7. Bookings are not transferable to others.
      8. Experiences are offered at the discretion of Solar Branco Lda and the company reserves the right to change terms at any time, including amending times and dates. No monetary refunds will be offered.
      9. The offer is valid from the 1 June 2020 - 31 December 2021 and may be extended by Solar Branco Lda.
      10. The offer can be cancelled by Solar Branco Lda at any time.

      Full terms and conditions for our experiences can be found on the Solar Branco Eco Estate website.


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